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02/24/1997Editorial: [Section 8 is not enough] 12  CONDOMINIUMS
11/13/1974Condos rejected: Aldermen's veto rare 1  CONDOMINIUMS
10/27/1980Council to review. . .plan 1  CONDOMINIUMS
10/15/1974Condominiums debated 1  CONDOMINIUMS
02/15/1982Apartments converted to condos 1  CONDOMINIUMS
07/30/1981Conversion most popular trend, 1980 4  CONDOMINIUMS
02/02/1982Controversy surrrounding 'condomania' 1  CONDOMINIUMS
11/30/1981Conversion legislation may change 2  CONDOMINIUMS
09/25/1974Condominium hearing Oct. 14 1  CONDOMINIUMS
09/17/1981Development limits rental availability 5  CONDOMINIUMS
01/21/1980Editorial: Creeping condos 6  CONDOMINIUMS
01/19/1981Financial problems may stall Oaks. . . 3  CONDOMINIUMS
01/14/1981Town council approves condos 3  CONDOMINIUMS
02/15/1982Town Council seeks condo regulation 1  CONDOMINIUMS
11/30/1981Ordinance to regulate conversion 1  CONDOMINIUMS
10/29/1980Town council denies Oaks proposal 1  CONDOMINIUMS
02/10/1982Condo ruling limits town 3  CONDOMINIUMS
11/07/1980Students must oppose condo conversion 10  CONDOMINIUMS
08/27/1981Condo conversion continues in area 3  CONDOMINIUMS
04/24/1981Building boom predicted by this summer 1  CONDOMINIUMS
10/16/1980Carrboro approves new...plans 3  CONDOMINIUMS
02/13/1980Council denies condo permit 3  CONDOMINIUMS
10/09/1980Condo change approved 4  CONDOMINIUMS
12/01/1980Council hears more debate on Oaks 1  CONDOMINIUMS
01/17/1980New condo trend concerns officials 1  CONDOMINIUMS
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