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04/06/1998Brooks, Yearwood team up in sold-out concert to benefit needy 4  CONCERTS, UNC
11/03/1994What happened to all the concerts? 1  CONCERTS, UNC
04/06/1998Brooks entertains with swagger, energy 4  CONCERTS, UNC
07/10/2003Rising rockers creep through sludgy set 2  CONCERTS, UNC
03/23/2004Hip-hop star Nas to headline UNC show 1  CONCERTS, UNC
04/21/2004High attendance is best way to attract famous acts (letter) 12  CONCERTS, UNC
04/22/2004Acclaimed rapper's appearance cancelled 1  CONCERTS, UNC
04/23/2004Band pick might be too pricey 15  CONCERTS, UNC
05/13/2004Editorial: It isn't all for you 10  CONCERTS, UNC
05/10/2004DTH Editorial's criticism of Sister Hazel unfair, misguided (letter) 10  CONCERTS, UNC
08/24/2004Rapper unlikely to return for show 18  CONCERTS, UNC
09/09/2004UNC seeks to connect with local music scene 3  CONCERTS, UNC
09/30/2004Blues artists to grace terrace 12  CONCERTS, UNC
10/07/2004Local acts to liven terrace with indie-rock stylings 13  CONCERTS, UNC
10/25/2004Jazz singer puts concerts on hold 14A  CONCERTS, UNC
10/26/2004Putumayo to display international flair 5  CONCERTS, UNC
10/27/2004Hot, hot, hot 1  CONCERTS, UNC
11/11/2004When in Dome 5  CONCERTS, UNC
...Annals of UNC memory include high-profile acts 5  CONCERTS, UNC
03/28/2011Bring Snoop to campus 13  CONCERTS, UNC
03/30/2011EA reps: Let Snoop play 1  CONCERTS, UNC
04/06/2011Snoop concert to be held in Raleigh 1  CONCERTS, UNC
03/25/2011No group takes lead on Snoop show 3  CONCERTS, UNC
04/07/2011Ed: Give Raleigh a chance 16  CONCERTS, UNC
...Snoop show was too soon to plan 3  CONCERTS, UNC
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