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10/07/1993New Spencer lab to house 10 Macintoshes, 2 printers 3  COMPUTERS AT UNC
09/04/2001My UNC to debut next year 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
11/02/199414,000 people are connected to e-mail/internet through UNC and have the potential to reach more than 100,000,000 people worldwide 5  COMPUTERS AT UNC
09/19/2001Nimda nixes network access 3  COMPUTERS AT UNC
11/21/1997Laptop Internet access possible in 3 libraries by fall semester 5  COMPUTERS AT UNC
09/16/1993University may take over troubled computer system 3  COMPUTERS AT UNC
11/09/1998Six Residence Halls Get Connected 2  COMPUTERS AT UNC
10/31/1997ATN proposes $13 fee increase 3  COMPUTERS AT UNC
05/28/1998ATN to save more Macs by upgrades 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
01/24/1995By fall, toll-free caroline may give access to grades 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
04/28/1998CCI opponent group starts petition drive 3  COMPUTERS AT UNC
10/29/1997Executive branch not trying to develop computer course (letter) 10  COMPUTERS AT UNC
10/09/2002Technology Gap Doesn't Hinder Computing Goals 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
07/25/1985Shareware to change UNC word processing 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
05/04/2000CCI program under way for fall 11  COMPUTERS AT UNC
08/19/1999Heavy Use Freezes UNC Site 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
08/24/2000Blunder Logs Campus Off Internet 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
08/17/1998IBM wins bid to become supplier for computing initiative 3A  COMPUTERS AT UNC
08/21/2002UNC: No Web Security Changes Needed 5  COMPUTERS AT UNC
01/29/1985Computer offers students. . .guidance . . . 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
07/05/2001University brings technolgoy into classes, research 2  COMPUTERS AT UNC
04/09/1998Computer plan had for UNC; details must be made public (letter) 12  COMPUTERS AT UNC
01/27/1995System gives 24-hour access to government 4  COMPUTERS AT UNC
02/13/1998Computer plan unveiled; Hooker hypes advantages 1  COMPUTERS AT UNC
04/27/1998Editorial: Pencil sharpener? 12  COMPUTERS AT UNC
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