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12/08/1938Mittmen shown new changes in boxing rules 1  COLLEGIATE BOXING
...Jack and Max (Dempsey and UNC collegiate boxer, Novich) 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
12/10/1938Boxers to take last fall quarter workout 1  COLLEGIATE BOXING
09/22/1929Editorial: Behind the Smoke of the Smoker - boxing on campus 2  COLLEGIATE BOXING
09/26/1929Crayton Rowe has good crowd at first meeting of Heel Boxers 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
11/16/1929Boxers working hard for stiff winter schedule 1  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/08/1930Tar Heels to send four undefeated pugs against Virginia boxers tonight 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
...Tar Heels bidding for boxing title 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/13/1930Former Tar Heel boxer is aiding University coach 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
...Varsity boxers will meet Florida mittmen Saturday 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/14/1930Boxing team is lacking bantam in Florida meet 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/20/1930Boxers prepare for Penn State 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/21/1930Two great boxing teams to meet tomorrow night [UNC/Penn State] 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/23/1930Penn State's national champs hand Caroling Boxers a 6-1 defeat in a thrilling match 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
02/27/1930Varsity boxers prepare to defend conference title in Charlottesville tomorrow 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
01/06/1942Varsity Boxers Face Gobblers Saturday 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
04/09/1930Boxing prelims run off before large audience 3  COLLEGIATE BOXING
05/20/1930Editorial: boxing and dueling dangers are compared 2  COLLEGIATE BOXING