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03/14/1895McGuire Slings More Mud 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
11/23/1895Mass Meeting, speeches by Members of the Faculty and Football Team 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
03/13/1896Communicated: Gridiron Rivalry Texas, Virginia UNC 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
03/25/1895Couldn't tennis match between UNC and Virginia be organized for spring? 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
04/18/1896Editorial: Listlessness in UNC athletics derided 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
06/02/1896Carolina Forever: We win from Virginia by Superior Scientific Base Ball 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
...Editorial: Our Athletics are safe 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
06/09/1896Editorial: To those . . there is a great waste of time 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
12/10/1938League officials holding quiet Richmond meeting (Southern Conference) 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
10/15/1897Editorial: Matters Athletics 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
01/18/1898Editorial: It seems the track team has gone into winter quarters. . . 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
09/22/1929Editorial: Behind the Smoke of the Smoker - boxing on campus 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
10/25/1929University authorities not disturbed by Carnegie Foundation survey report 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
10/26/1929Editorial: Carnegie Foundation off on a tangent 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
11/02/1929The Decorative value of football 4  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
11/12/1929Reader's Opinion: Athletic overconfidence 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
01/24/1930Editorial: Our University's reputation [sports] 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
02/21/1919Editorial: Circumstances alter cases - college athletics 1  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
02/23/1930Penn State's national champs hand Caroling Boxers a 6-1 defeat in a thrilling match 3  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
04/13/1930Editorial: College Professors and Coaches of Athletes 2  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY
02/22/2008Duke lacrosse players sue school, city of Durham 3  COLLEGE SPORTS, HISTORY