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09/13/1995No fan of free press 14  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
09/27/1894Foot Ball Notes ...Fall 1894 2  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
11/08/1894Fund for heavy men ... college football 2  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
...Southern Football 4  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
11/12/1938Grid-Graph To Reenact Battle of Rams 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
12/07/2009Charlotte bowl selects UNC` 9  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
...Florida State should not have gotten good bid (letter) 8  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
10/08/2010Head injuries back in college football 10  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
12/06/2010North Carolina hearing music: Will play Tennessee in Music City Bowl 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
12/07/2010Keep your head up: Guzkiewicz leads in concussion research 3  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
11/12/1938Grid-Graph to reenact Battle of Rams - Fordham vs UNC 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
10/07/1938Kay'll Be rooting Although He won't be here tommorrow 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
09/28/2011Football panel looks at ban of Twitter 7  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
12/11/1938Non-professional football holds student favort - popularity of collegiate game shown by survey 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
02/18/2010UNC-C football funded 11  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
11/11/1962UNC Comes From Behind To Defeat Virginia 4  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
09/28/2012Heels debut new helmets 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
04/06/1963Alumni Game Ends Spring Football Practice 4  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
10/23/1918University gets ready for football season [first after war ] 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
...Editorial: Varsity football again! 2  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
10/05/1941Tar Heels Roll Over Wildcats in 20-0 Victory 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
10/26/1941Deacons Defeat Uncoordinated Tar Heels, 13-0 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
11/09/1941Tar Heels Swamp Richmond With 27-0 Victory 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
12/02/1941Five Seniors To Perform In Bowl Tilt 3  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
09/10/2013'Zero Dark Thursday' to close Franklin 1  COLLEGE FOOTBALL
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