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01/22/1990Faculty give nod to athletics reforms 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
12/05/1989Editorial: Bumping basketball (schedule) 10  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
01/25/1990Editorial: Covering it all 10  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
11/04/1982Corruption mars history of athletics 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/25/2002OpEd: Collegiate sports for one and all 9  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
11/06/2002Lowering the Bar 10  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/24/1993Number of minorities in college...(graph) 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/04/2002Group dissects college athletics 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
10/08/1993No reason why men, women, can't compete in sports (letter) 10  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/19/1991PBS documentary examines condition 7  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/20/1991Study:schools need to control athletics 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
06/16/1994Letter: College Athletics Should Be Focus of DTH Sports Pages 10  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
09/20/1894The New Foot-Ball Rules 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
09/08/2003Faculty grills athletics panel 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
11/29/1894The Foot-ball Game to Stay 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
02/07/1895Editorial: Where are they "at?' 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
02/28/1895Editorial: Virginia and professionalism (in college sports) 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
05/23/1895Reports of the Charges Made by Murray M. McGuire Against UNC 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
...Editorial: Murray M. McGuire 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
04/30/1961'School-Spirited' Alumni: No Better Than Wagman 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
05/02/1961Behind The Scandal 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
05/14/1961Athletics In The University: They Have Outgrown Reason 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
10/05/1961Use Regular People, i.e. Students On Football Squad? 2  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
03/18/2011Athletic policies reviewed 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
06/02/1896Editorial: Our Athletics are safe 1  COLLEGE ATHLETICS
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