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10/30/1975Board approves taxing utilities 1  COKER ARBORETUM (ARB)
10/04/2010Lesser-known history of Chapel Hill revealed 8  COKER ARBORETUM (ARB)
09/05/2008Ed: Let there be light 10  COKER ARBORETUM (ARB)
09/16/1976Arboretum creek emits stench... 3  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
11/13/1984Two trees with history..cut down 1  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
02/27/1981Editorial: Perpetual Threat 8  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
12/02/1975Arboretum: something stinks 1  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
02/24/1981Rumored attack in Arboretum 1  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
03/09/1989Editorial: $10,000 going to waste 8  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
01/31/1978Killings at UNC, State remain unsolved 4  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
02/11/1983Editorial: Dram sham 8  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
11/22/1988University to enclose for safety 1  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
04/01/19874 report arboretum lewdness 1  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
03/09/1989Gates not meant to bar entry 3  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
01/29/1974Renovation continues on Coker Arboretum 2  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
09/05/2008Ed: Let there be light 10  SEE COKER ARBORETUM (ARBORETUM (COKER))
04/16/1997Tragedy's lingering lessons 5  COKER ARBORETUM
09/24/1996Crews continue cleaning Fran damaged gardens 2  COKER ARBORETUM
04/06/2001Native beauty focus of arboretum 2  COKER ARBORETUM
04/08/2003Arboretum marks 100 years 9  COKER ARBORETUM
04/01/1960Sin Cleans Arboretum; Problems Are Exposed 1  COKER ARBORETUM
10/16/1960Botany Prof Bags 'Game' In Arboretum 3  COKER ARBORETUM
02/13/1963Junior Edge is arrested on attempted rape charge 1  COKER ARBORETUM
09/05/2008Ed: Let there be light 10  COKER ARBORETUM