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06/11/1998Nike, coaches shake hands on new deals 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
09/20/2010Editorial: Should he stay or should he go? Butch Davis 8  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
10/22/1963Dale Ranson 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
04/28/1942Six-Man Athletic Staff Gets Six-Week Workout, Instruction at Annapolis 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
11/08/2013Sagula's unexpected journey 5  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
03/10/2014Salaries for UNC football trail ACC 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
01/14/2015Coach slams handling of sexual assault cases 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
01/22/2015Ed: Something's gotta give 10  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
05/14/2015The man behind the scenes 1  ATHLETIC COACHES, UNC
05/01/2000Paul earns ACC honor as league's top coach 9  COACHES, UNC
02/28/2002UNC plugs holes on coaching staff 15  COACHES, UNC
04/04/2003Excessive input from players dangerous to UNC athletics (letter) 8  COACHES, UNC
02/26/2003Wrestling's architect, closes book on UNC career 1  COACHES, UNC
09/13/1974New coaches appointed by UNC 5  COACHES, UNC
07/13/2000Doherty Was Star of 1984 senior Game 4  COACHES, UNC
04/15/2003Roy Returns 1  COACHES, UNC
04/04/2003Baddour should be fired as University athletics director (letter) 8  COACHES, UNC
01/25/2002UNC gives Bunting extension through 2008 7  COACHES, UNC
04/04/2003Doherty: Resignation was forced 1  COACHES, UNC
04/17/2002UNC wrestling coach to retire next year 9  COACHES, UNC
04/03/2003Search under way for new coach 1  COACHES, UNC
04/07/2003OpEd: Bunting could be next victim 14  COACHES, UNC
06/08/2000Former Tar Heel Haus named Lacrosse coach 1  COACHES, UNC
07/13/2000New Coach Brings Notre Dame Staff 1  COACHES, UNC
07/29/1999Two New Coaches Join UNC Rowing 3  COACHES, UNC
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