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04/28/1993Clinton honors National Champs 1  CLINTON, BILL
11/04/1992Clinton hails 'new beginning' 1  CLINTON, BILL
11/03/1997Student leaders want Clinton to visit UNC 3  CLINTON, BILL
10/04/1993White House confirms Clinton's Oct. 12 visit 1  CLINTON, BILL
09/30/1993Clinton expected for University Day 1  CLINTON, BILL
09/12/1995Satellite brings Clinton to College Democrats 1  CLINTON, BILL
02/02/2000Clinton approves snow aid 1  CLINTON, BILL
11/13/1992Ban supporters, opponets split on Clinton 1  CLINTON, BILL
09/21/1999Clinton Tours State's Flood-Ravaged Areas 1  CLINTON, BILL
09/02/1992Clinton rebuts Republican charges 1  CLINTON, BILL
10/13/1993Clinton calls for courage to change America 1  CLINTON, BILL
09/26/1997Clinton to honor former head of UNC system with medallion 3  CLINTON, BILL
01/18/2001Scoundrel or Savior? 1  CLINTON, BILL
10/12/1993Secret service plans tight Kenan security 1  CLINTON, BILL
...UNC-TV to air live speech by Clinton, Convocation 3  CLINTON, BILL
10/13/1993President hails UNC's persistence 1  CLINTON, BILL
01/18/2001Higher education received boost under Clinton's care 1  CLINTON, BILL
10/13/1993Students not disappointed after long wait for Clinton 3  CLINTON, BILL
04/21/1993Clinton may deliver University Day address in... 1  CLINTON, BILL
02/24/2010Alumnus talks Clinton 3  CLINTON, BILL
10/31/2014Bill Clinton returns to NC in final campaign push for Hagan 3  CLINTON, BILL
11/03/2014Bill Clinton joins Hagan to rally voters 3  CLINTON, BILL