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04/10/1992Late-night. . .concert not appreciated (letter) 8  CLEF HANGERS
10/28/1996UNC Clef Hangers 5  CLEF HANGERS
10/03/1990Blue light chorus rechoirs Clefs 1  CLEF HANGERS
11/16/1989Clef Hangers hone new techniques 6  CLEF HANGERS
03/01/1993Clef Hanger guests jam at invitational 2  CLEF HANGERS
04/09/1992Take two: singing groups set the record 3  CLEF HANGERS
02/04/2003Clef Hangers commemorate 25th year 9  CLEF HANGERS
01/14/1992Clef Hangers embark on a 'Safari' of sound 2  CLEF HANGERS
03/04/1997Singers, alumni donate to King memorial fund 2  CLEF HANGERS
02/12/2001Clef Hanges don't fail crowd 3  CLEF HANGERS
11/02/1992Clef Hangers provide 'Thriller' of a show 2  CLEF HANGERS
10/30/1995Excellent singing, boring skits at Clef Concert 2  CLEF HANGERS
11/01/1993A Cappella ensemble entertains 7  CLEF HANGERS
11/02/1990Return to tradition in their 14th year 5  CLEF HANGERS
10/24/1991Just can't keep a 'secret' 5  CLEF HANGERS
01/30/1995Clefs' a capella invitational wows audience 5  CLEF HANGERS
04/22/1993Omnibus: Yaaaa! Senior Clefs to leave UNC on... 8  CLEF HANGERS
04/08/1992Clefs' show proves they're 'getting better' 2  CLEF HANGERS
10/28/1991Hard work, rehearsal pay off 5  CLEF HANGERS
12/01/2010Student singing groups rely on cash for concerts 7  CLEF HANGERS
04/14/2008Clefs play Memorial Hall to mark 30 years 1  CLEF HANGERS
03/17/2009Former Clef makes top 11 1  CLEF HANGERS
04/21/2008Vests, at least, stay the same 3  CLEF HANGERS
04/23/2009UNC's Desai voted out of Idol's top 7 1  CLEF HANGERS
04/17/2015An 'unexplainable bond' 1  CLEF HANGERS