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09/01/1993Chemistry classes more appealing to college students... 3  CHEMISTRY CLASSES
03/15/1993Classes on despite lack of students 1  CLASSES
08/25/1997Change in calendar causes professors to miss class 1  CLASSES
10/15/1997Small classes popular with professors 6  CLASSES
10/15/1991Departments reinstate class sections canceled 1  CLASSES
01/14/1994Students find it harder to get classes 3  CLASSES
04/04/1895Editorial: We cannot think that the contemplated changes in the required work of Sophomores. . . 2  CLASSES
10/09/2013Shutdown has small effects on classes 1  CLASSES
02/17/2014Ed: Teaching Greek 4  CLASSES
03/20/2014Class on the flip side 1  CLASSES
10/13/2014Five more minutes for class change 1  CLASSES
11/22/1993Business school should reinstate cancelled class (letter) 9  CLASSES (CANCELLED)
03/01/1991Fewer class sections could boost. . . 3  CLASSES (REDUCTIONS)
01/20/2011Ed: Defining unnecessary 12  CLASSES (REDUCTIONS)
08/24/1992Large classes fact of life at University 3b  CLASSES (SIZE)
09/20/2011Ed: Faculty need more 12  CLASSES (SIZE)
01/15/1982Bad weather forces cancellation 1  CLASSES CANCELLED
05/12/1973Similarities noted between two classes 2b  CLASSES OF 1943,1948
09/11/1996Editorial: [Canceling classes overlooks students rights to Editorial: 10  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
...Editorial: -Intentions may be right, but cancel. makes no sense 10  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
...Faculty frustrated by cancellation of 2nd class day 1  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
...Editorial: [Cancellation offers chance for activism] 10  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
09/19/2003Failure to cancel class puts students' safety in danger (letter) 8  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
01/27/2004Editorial: Seeing the danger 10  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
10/05/2011Over-enrollement in journalism classes threatens accreditation 1  CLASSES, CANCELLATION OF
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