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03/19/1980Op.Ed: Chapel Thrill offers... 8  CHAPEL THRILL
04/21/1980Thousands gather for sun and fun 1  CHAPEL THRILL
12/03/1982Pro-Thrill to students 1  CHAPEL THRILL
04/21/1980Editorial: Muted praise 6  CHAPEL THRILL
10/13/1981CGC approves budget 1  CHAPEL THRILL
02/04/1981Council OKs Chapel Thrill in close vote 1  CHAPEL THRILL
08/24/1981Boulton to decide on ... 7a  CHAPEL THRILL
03/11/1980Beach Boys head Chapel Thrill concert 1  CHAPEL THRILL
02/10/1981Taylor, Santana may play 1  CHAPEL THRILL
12/03/1982Editorial: Cheap Thrill 10  CHAPEL THRILL
01/28/1981Committee splits on Chapel Thrill 1  CHAPEL THRILL
12/02/1982Finance defeats Thrill appeal 1  CHAPEL THRILL
04/16/1980ABC to come to Chapel Thrill 1  CHAPEL THRILL
04/30/1981Chapel Thrill concert: a tale... 13  CHAPEL THRILL
11/22/1982UNC brass won't OK Chapel Thrill 6  CHAPEL THRILL
03/31/1980Chapel Thrill prices set 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1980
03/12/1980Editorial: Chapel Thrill '80 6  CHAPEL THRILL 1980
03/28/1980Chapel Thrill '80 plagued by... 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1980
02/20/1980Chic, Sister Sledge may precede event 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1980
02/22/1980Wants James Taylor home 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1980
03/05/1981Taylor won't play; concert flounders 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1981
03/19/1981Editorial: Not Thrilled 8  CHAPEL THRILL 1981
03/05/1981Editorial: Short tradition 8  CHAPEL THRILL 1981
10/03/1981Editorial: Thrilling prospect 6  CHAPEL THRILL 1982
10/06/1981Committee approves. . .budget request 1  CHAPEL THRILL 1982
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