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09/01/1988New routes contribute to...growth 15a  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
11/15/1976Op.Ed: CHT-aid for small town 8  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
11/12/1976Students to circulate bus petition 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
06/17/1976Mandatory Student Bus fees? 3  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
09/03/1974Buses filled to capacity 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
09/26/1974Atlanta won't lease any buses to town 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
11/14/1978F route to go into Carrboro 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
08/28/1978CGC may aid bus system 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/19/1974Editorial: Parking: some side-effects 6  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/08/1976Editorial: Carrboro will need effective. . . 6  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/09/2003Advisory board examines expanding local transit 3  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/24/1980Towns plan to expand routes... 3  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/14/1993Council members: UNC should buy town buses 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
01/30/1978Editorial: Bus expansion in Carrboro... 6  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
02/01/2000Report examines town's transit 5  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
10/21/1996Bus driver charged with DWI, suspended from job 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
03/26/1974Bus expansion plan okayed in 5-1 vote 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/22/1976Editorial: Bus just a flush 8  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
01/27/1978Carrboro board expands C bus route 3  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
04/02/1976U route bus service extended 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
03/15/1979Town alderman opt lesser bus hike 3  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
12/03/1981Dwindling funds may limit buses 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
10/24/1978Editorial: Solutions around the bend 6  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
09/07/1979Bus ridership..increases 22% 1  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
03/20/1974Aldermen defer bus plan action 2  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
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