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11/02/1999Consuming a New Culture  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/21/1994Southern part of heaven boasts famous natives, residents 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/18/1994Franklin Street remains heart of Chapel Hill 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/19/1994Longtime resident remembers good old days 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/22/1994Natives reminisce about town history as celebration approaches 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/20/1994Local cemetery holds 194 years of history 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/25/1994Chapel Hill celebrates its bicentennial 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/19/1994Town prepares for its 200th birthday bash 3  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/06/1999Trolley to Promote History 7  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
09/18/2003Town honors life contributor 4  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
01/16/2004Leading the way 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
11/22/2004Graves receive belated marker 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
02/16/1962Where Did Chapel Hill Receive Its Name? 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
11/05/1967When Pigs Roamed Campus; Horses Roamed Streets 3  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
02/10/1968Even Gravel Has Tradition In Chapel Hill 3  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
04/24/1968A Town is Rezoned And Rebuilt: Old Chapel Hill Slowly Vanishes 3  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
09/17/1938Construction of New City hall is Being Rushed 4  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
07/08/2010Comical book benefits UNC 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
06/16/1896The King's Daughters 1896 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
09/17/1938Evolution of City Government - pictures of city hall 4  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
...Construction of new city hall is being rushed 4  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
11/21/1896Chapel Hill High School 1  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
02/12/2010Unmarked graves to be commemorated 3  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
09/18/1963Government In Orange County, Chapel Hill & Carrboro 6  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
10/21/1916Pages From Dr. Battle's History of UNC/column: 1853 letter describing Chapel Hill village in 1818 5  CHAPEL HILL, HISTORY
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