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03/26/2003Editorial: Franklin Facelift: Town officials and the revitalization of downtown business 10  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
09/15/2003Commission drops executive post 3  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
10/08/2003Session to kick off new group 1  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
10/09/2003Council approves 1st steps for panel 3  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
07/15/2004New corporation to revitalize downtown 3  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
09/10/2004Downtown group seeks new niche 3  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
02/23/2010Downtown sees lower business vacancy rates 9  CHAPEL HILL DOWNTOWN COMMISSION
10/12/2001Students propose open market 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
09/26/2003Editorial: Circles of Love 8  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/30/2003Local hopefuls look to fix downtown woes 1  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/22/2003Editorial: Downtown Woes 10  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
02/27/2004Editorial: Unwanted elitism 8  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
04/16/2004New group to aid downtown 2  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
07/15/2004New corporation to revitalize downtown 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
08/23/2004New downtown group taps temporary leader 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
09/07/2004Developments serve as focal points for debate 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
09/22/2004Planners, council stress downtown's heart 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/20/2004Rocks may impede lot development 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
11/30/2004Downtown plans now include bonds 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
02/23/2010Downtown sees lower business vacancy rates 9  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/19/2010Retail area awaits permit - Construction to finish August 2011 3  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/25/2010Downtown plan to be revised 1  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
12/06/2010Ed: Great and growing: Census data points to better, denser town down the road 5  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
11/07/2011Town earns traffic safety award 4  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
10/06/2011Chapel Hill could see big box stores 11  CHAPEL HILL, DOWNTOWN
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