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09/17/1997NCSU's chancellor retires; peers honor achievements 6  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
12/06/2001System chancellors make tuition claims 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
01/31/2003Student vote backs N.C. state chancellor 2  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
10/16/1995BOG names Alvin Schexnider Chancellor at Winston-Salem State 5  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
03/01/1994Other UNC schools look for chancellors 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
01/27/2003Editorial: Make room for discussion -- scrutiny of flagship schools' chancellors 10  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
02/18/1998Hooker's salary raised $9,720 as part of BOG plan 2  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
03/24/2003BOG taps DePaolo as chancellor of UNC-W 2  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
11/13/2001Chancellors protest proposed BOG study 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
04/11/2001Editorial: Searching for the best [Chancellors for UNC System schools] 10  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
01/24/2003Endowment funds fall at most Universities, Not at UNC 5  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
03/03/2003Editorial: Cleaning the slate: Officials at UNC-CH & NCSU should work with lawmakers 10  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
04/11/2003Editorial: A Sensible plan [plan to offer new UNC-system chancellors multi-year contracts 8  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
09/15/2003UNC chancellors might see hefty bonuses 5  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
05/20/2004BOG to examine disparities 3  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
06/10/2004Editorial cartoon: ...It must be tough 8  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
10/11/2013'World' celebrates Folt's installation 3  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM
10/29/2007Chancellor search forum draws only 7 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC SYSTEM