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05/25/1995Former chancellor Sitterson dies after battling Parkinson's 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
02/06/1979Chancellors' HEW visit blasted 2  CHANCELLORS, UNC
05/18/1992Former chancellors recall influx of women, minority 5  CHANCELLORS, UNC
02/07/1979Duplication issue not raised HEW talks 2  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/26/1989Spangler, chancellors...drug testing 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
02/24/1895Chancellor Garland 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/13/1961State Bond Issue Upcoming 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/22/2010Chancellor's book focuses on innovations 6  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/28/2010Thorp launches legacy - Project will spur student innovation 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/12/2010Two years later, Thorp addresses unwelcome obstacles 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
05/26/2011UNC renovates chancellor's house 6  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/18/2012Holden Thorp's Time To Go 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/28/2012With 21-member group, chancellor search begins 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/05/1963Chancellor Committee To meet With Friday 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
01/18/2013Chancellor salary may change with successor 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
12/13/1963Aycock blasts gag law again 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
04/12/2013Dartmouth's Folt is chancellor pick 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
04/15/2013UNC, meet Carol Folt 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/11/2013'World' celebrates Folt's installation 3  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/14/2013Carol Folt was officially installed as chancellor Saturday 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
09/27/2007Moeser to step down 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
...Trustees to start search process 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/04/2007Chancellor search committee expands 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/26/2007Forum will air desired traits for new chancellor 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
10/29/2007Chancellor search forum draws only 7 1  CHANCELLORS, UNC
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