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12/08/1961High Court Action Won't Apply Here: W.B. Aycock Says University Is OK 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
04/01/1962Racial Troubles Solved At UNC Friday Reveals: Carolina Riders To Have More Freedom 4  CHANCELLOR, UNC
12/08/1967Chancellor Sitterson Gets New Assistant 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
05/26/2011UNC renovates chancellor's house 6  CHANCELLOR, UNC
01/15/2010Ed: Revision gets it right 8  CHANCELLOR, UNC
09/27/2012Trustees may kick off search 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
09/28/2012With 21-member group, chancellor search begins 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/05/2012Ed: Chancellor for students 10  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/09/2012Chancellor search committee selects firm to start selection 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/12/2012Piecing it all back together 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
11/08/2012'A superhero individual?' 2  CHANCELLOR, UNC
11/09/2012Forums seek Thorp's values in new chancellor 9  CHANCELLOR, UNC
09/26/1963Chancellor Selection Committee Named 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/05/1963Chancellor Committee To meet With Friday 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
01/18/2013Chancellor salary may change with successor 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
03/04/2013Fundraising campaign plans will be ready by July 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
04/12/2013Dartmouth's Folt is chancellor pick 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
04/30/1964Chancellor Naming Not Until Late May 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
07/04/2013Folt greets UNC, meets tough job ahead 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
01/29/2008Editorial: Carolina Second 6  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/14/2013Carol Folt was officially installed as chancellor Saturday 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
09/27/2007Moeser to step down 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
...Trustees to start search process 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/04/2007Chancellor search committee expands 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
10/11/2007Committee membership shapes chancellor search 1  CHANCELLOR, UNC
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