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03/04/1994Candidate removed name from final chancellor list 2  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1988
05/26/1994Don't Miss This Chance 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/27/1994Professor steps down from search committee 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/15/1994New leader should value nonfaculty, employees say 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/31/1994Editorial: Student Affairs 14  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
02/28/1994Student petition drive nets 1,400 signatures 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
06/02/1994Harris: Search Committee Full for now 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
...Staff Presents Chancellor Criteria 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/12/1994Search Committee to hold public meetings 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/23/1994Ignore ill-conceived editorial, come to today's noon rally [letter] 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/04/1994Chancellor search group must hear student voices [letter] 9  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/21/1994Search committee plans to visit students in Pit 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
02/21/1994Chancellor selection committee members named 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/25/1994Gagged students greet members of group before first meeting 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
...Committee begins work on chancellor search 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
02/24/1994Students want more say in chancellor search 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/21/1994Students to rally for more representation 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/15/1994Few students turn out for chancellor forum 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/14/1994Editorial: Meet the committee 14a  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/15/1994Petition to add students to chancellor search group up to 2,600 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
02/28/1994Views varied on '87 chancellor search 2  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
04/14/1994Today students can have voice in chancellor search 14a  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/04/1994Staff wants voice in chancellor search 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
03/21/1994Chancellor selection committee needs more students 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1994
01/27/1995Ed: We want the best 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH 1995
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