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03/04/1994Candidate removed name from final chancellor list 2  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
03/01/1994Hardin, NYU leader made final cut 2  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
02/28/1994Views varied on '87 chancellor search 2  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
04/16/2010Chancellor's secretary has storied history 4  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
09/18/2012Holden Thorp's Time To Go 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
10/08/2012UNC not only university searching for a new chancellor 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
...Chancellor search members have different hopes 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
09/26/1963Chancellor Selection Committee Named 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
10/05/1963Chancellor Committee To meet With Friday 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
04/12/2013Dartmouth's Folt is chancellor pick 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
04/15/2013UNC, meet Carol Folt 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
...Ed: Folt under pressure 4  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
04/30/1964Chancellor Naming Not Until Late May 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
01/08/2008Search begins for next chancellor 2  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
01/29/2008Editorial: Carolina Second 6  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
02/04/2008Editorial: First thing's first - capital projects 9  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
09/27/2007Moeser to step down 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
09/28/2007Chancellor search begins 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
...Ed: It's been a lovely cruise 14  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
10/11/2007Committee membership shapes chancellor search 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
02/21/2008Editorial: Shhh...its a secret 16  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
10/29/2007Chancellor search forum draws only 7 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
02/29/2008Chancellor search committee narrows field to about 20 3  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
03/06/2008Provosts often sought for chancellor posts 1  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
08/16/2008Moeser examines his job, legacy 10  CHANCELLOR, HISTORY
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