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04/13/1994Editorial: Don't stop here 8  ASU, CHANCELLOR
09/05/1989Hardin seeks UNC financial freedom 1  CHANCELLOR
04/12/1999Pain Places Hooker in Hospital 1  CHANCELLOR
11/22/2002Trustees Defend Salary Decision 1  CHANCELLOR
04/26/2000UNC tops Nebraska's retentin 3  CHANCELLOR
04/18/2000He's not in Nebraska anymore 1  CHANCELLOR
01/06/2003Deal with Ehringhaus a mistake, Moeser says 1  CHANCELLOR
07/08/1999Service Honors Hooker's Legacy 1  CHANCELLOR
11/21/1988UNC officials & freedom to dissent 1  CHANCELLOR
04/17/2000Interview: James Moseser: Man Behind Music 8  CHANCELLOR
01/26/1998Hooker to hear students' top 100 suggestions 1  CHANCELLOR
07/08/1999Broad Consulting on Interim Choice 1  CHANCELLOR
04/19/2000A Transfer Chancellor, UNC, UNL differ 1  CHANCELLOR
07/15/1999Editorial:'Thou Shalt' Stay Out of Schools 8  CHANCELLOR
02/28/1995Chancellor in changing times 1  CHANCELLOR
03/16/1999Attack on Chancellor During Bout with Cancer Slammed as Repulsive (letter) 10  CHANCELLOR
04/14/1988New Chancellor may help relations 1  CHANCELLOR
04/19/1999Fox Urged to Seek Partnership 4  CHANCELLOR
04/30/1981Committees influence decisions 13  CHANCELLOR
04/17/2000Tenacity tone of new leader's style 5  CHANCELLOR
05/03/2000UNC Alumni loyalty, funds await Moeser 3  CHANCELLOR
02/15/1980Fordham speaks to faculty council 3  CHANCELLOR
08/19/1998Hooker Come Home 10  CHANCELLOR
02/04/2002Moeser did the right thing for UNC 3  CHANCELLOR
09/04/2001SBP calls on Chancellor to boost visibility 11  CHANCELLOR
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