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10/25/1988Gardner backs Campus Watch 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/27/1991N.C. AIDS testing should remain anon 3  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
05/30/1991CGLA educates about homosexual issues (letter) 10  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/24/1992CGLA budget passes congress by slight margin 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/20/1989Op.Ed: DTH editorial board ignorant... 11  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
09/04/1986Congress member targets newsletter 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
10/05/1988Editorial (outside interference) 8  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
07/05/1990Area focuses on gay rights 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/19/1989UNC system reacts to bill. . .funds 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
03/25/1988AIDS benefit, CGLA Awareness week 3  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/16/1987Editorial: Congress & CGLA funds 8  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
10/27/1987Referendum proposed on CGLA funds 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
10/27/1988Editorial on Gardner/Campus Watch 10  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/18/1985Finance committee proposes $1000 cut... 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/11/1988Op.Ed: Listen to majority views on 15  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
05/30/1991Court issues order restraining summer SG 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/18/1985CGC finds Critz innocent of CGLA 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
01/29/1988Plans march, rally show student support 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
09/05/1985Group ousts CGLA backer(SFA) 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
10/17/1988Campus Watch/CGLA issue 15  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/24/1987CGLA funds opposed by group 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/14/1987Editorial: Power of being 8  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
10/18/1990Editorial: Minimal protection 8  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
04/21/1989Op.Ed: Homosexuality a violation 12  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
02/16/1988Groups urge "no" on referendum 1  CGLA (GAY RIGHTS)
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