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09/08/1995Congress adopts strict funding procedures 1  CGC FUNDING
03/16/1999Order of Groups Played No Part in Funding Vote. . . (letter) 10  CGC FUNDING
09/30/1993Reform Congress 12  CGC FUNDING
09/06/1995Code change, funding top congress agenda 1  CGC FUNDING
03/05/1999Editorial: Money for Nothing 6  CGC FUNDING
11/09/1995Congress Denies Funding for Christian Group 1  CGC FUNDING
11/20/1995Denial of Funding to Religious Groups Will Be Met by Protest 10  CGC FUNDING
03/05/1999Congress Proposal: Invest Backup Fund 1  CGC FUNDING
09/07/1995In marathon meeting, Congress changes code, funds Review 1  CGC FUNDING
03/02/1999Congress Reinstates Funding 1  CGC FUNDING
11/13/1995Judging Merit or Descrimination? 10  CGC FUNDING
10/11/1995Funding process simplified 3  CGC FUNDING
09/09/1993Congress reduces allocations for a few campus groups 1  CGC FUNDING
02/22/1999BSM Funding Sparks Budget Debate 1  CGC FUNDING
02/23/1999Funding Questioned By Groups 1  CGC FUNDING
04/01/1995Funding article showed poor journalistic skills 11  CGC FUNDING
02/08/1999Congress's Arrogance Proven During Budget; Its actions Reprehensible (letter) 13  CGC FUNDING
02/17/19993 Groups' Funding Approved 2  CGC FUNDING
09/12/199412 groups hope for congress funds 1  CGC FUNDING, 1994
09/14/1994Full congress to debate group funding 14  CGC FUNDING, 1994
02/24/1998More groups at UNC may strain funds 1  CGC FUNDING, 1998
02/03/199885 groups weather finance cuts in hearings 5  CGC FUNDING, 1998
02/23/1998Budget process leaves surplus 1  CGC FUNDING, 1998
02/20/1998Editorial: Big money 8  CGC FUNDING, 1998
07/13/1995Student referendum to decide funding changes 1  CGC, FUNDING