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02/23/1972C.O. Cathey quits administrative job 1  CATHEY, C.O.
02/22/1972Cathey criticizes reading course 1  CATHEY, C.O.
09/16/1969Coed Experiments Help Remove Housing Vacancies 5  CATHEY, C.O.
09/23/1969Chancellor, Cathey Enter DTH Funding Controversy 1  CATHEY, C.O.
02/19/1970Students Cautioned By Cathey On Fraudulent Telephone Calls 1  CATHEY, C.O.
04/07/1970Excited Villagers Confer With Cathey 6  CATHEY, C.O.
10/08/1968University 'Can't Guarantee Coed Security,' Says Cathey 1  CATHEY, C.O.
10/18/1968Cathey Receives SSOC Petition 1  CATHEY, C.O.
10/19/1968Security Resolution Introduced In SL 1  CATHEY, C.O.
10/29/1968Forum, Cathey Quiz Mark Time-Out Day Opening 1  CATHEY, C.O.
10/30/1968Cathey Terms Marijuana Laws As 'Too Rigorous' 1  CATHEY, C.O.
11/01/1968Nightwatchmen Hired For Women's Dorms 1  CATHEY, C.O.
...Cathey Deserves Credit 2  CATHEY, C.O.
12/05/1968Dow Must Participate In Educational Process 2  CATHEY, C.O.
12/12/1968BSM Asks Removal Of Cathey, Henry 1  CATHEY, C.O.
09/21/1967Cathey Denies UNC Held Back Records 1  CATHEY, C.O.
11/02/1967Little Chance Seen For Nurses' Dorm 1  CATHEY, C.O.
02/16/1968Policies Here Normal 1  CATHEY, C.O.
04/11/1968Rights Bill Adopted 1  CATHEY, C.O.
09/18/1963Aycock, Henderson And Berryhill Resign Posts 1  CATHEY, C.O.
03/01/1964Residence College System Proposed By Cathey, Long 1  CATHEY, C.O.