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02/23/2010Juror selection begins in Atwater federal trial 1  CARSON, Eve
10/04/2010Eve Carson Scholars carry on leader's legacy 7  CARSON, Eve
10/17/2010Celebrate Eve's birthday at Eves' Birthday Bash (letter) 8  CARSON, Eve
11/05/2010Third year for Eve Carson 5K 1  CARSON, Eve
...Eve Ball benefits scholarship fund 1  CARSON, Eve
11/02/2010'Thriller' with Thorp - dance in Pit for Eve Ball fundraiser 3  CARSON, Eve
12/08/2010Carson case trials still not resovled 14  CARSON, Eve
10/25/2011Blue lights shine on 1  CARSON, Eve
11/18/2011Lovette pleads not guilty to Carson killing 1  CARSON, Eve
11/22/2011Straightening out the system: The NC probation system 1  CARSON, Eve
11/28/2011Carson's accused killer goes to trial 1  CARSON, Eve
11/30/2011Jury selection off to a slow start 1  CARSON, Eve
12/02/2011Jury selection may conclude today 1  CARSON, Eve
12/05/2011Carson's legacy has impact on safety 1  CARSON, Eve
12/07/2011Carson trial jury chosen 1  CARSON, Eve
05/20/2010Atwater faces likely plea bargain Monday 1  CARSON, Eve
04/20/2010Campus now beginning to find closure 1  CARSON, Eve
01/09/2012Eve Carson 'will continue to inspire' 1  CARSON, Eve
03/05/2012'A living memorial': Two years after Eve Carson's death 1  CARSON, Eve
...Carson's legacy lives on through acts that 'speak for themselves' 1  CARSON, Eve
03/04/2010Eve Carson garden to be dedicated 1  CARSON, Eve
02/05/2010Tipster names to stay sealed 1  CARSON, Eve
11/15/2012Letter: Editor: Commemorate Eve with public service 12  CARSON, Eve
02/06/2013Carson's Killer To Get New Sentence 1  CARSON, Eve
03/05/2013Carry on the Carolina that Eve loved 1  CARSON, Eve
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