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04/01/2003Study to examine negatives of school merger 11  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
02/11/2003Council rejects Southern Chapel Hill school site 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
04/11/2003Board finalizes selection of 3rd high school site 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
04/10/2003Schools may get budget increase 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
03/17/2003Language of learning - Glenwood Elementary 1  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
02/18/2003UNC, CHCCS to get new resource 9  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
02/17/2003School site narrowed to 2 choices 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
03/06/2003Commissioners plan to examine new way to select school sites 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
02/12/2003Co-location rejection forcs board to reconsider plans 2  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
12/04/2003Book probes school policy 4  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
12/08/2003State gives local schools high marks 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
11/12/2003Editorial: For the Children: county's two school districts 8  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
11/07/2003Editorial: Back to the Table; schools 8  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
11/04/2003Merger looms above council 1  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
09/15/2003Officials divided over school merger plan 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
09/16/2003Locals pack county forum on potential school merger 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
10/06/2003Forum on school merger elicits web of opinion 2  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
10/17/2003Hundreds fill forum on school merger 1  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
02/23/2010Technology director moves to state board 9  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
09/16/2010Local SATs hit record high 10  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
08/30/2011School board confronts overcrowding problem 7  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
04/12/2011CHCCS students named as Teaching Fellows for 2011 3  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
...School board streams meetings live online 5  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
04/28/2010Safe at school? 1  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
04/09/2010Ed: State of the art 12  CARRBORO/CHAPEL HILL SCHOOLS
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