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03/31/1992Carrboro police want Callahan to take over. . . 1  CARRBORO (POLICE)
07/10/2003Police charge resident with fraud 7  CARRBORO (POLICE)
10/26/2011Loitering policy faces criticism 1  CARRBORO (POLICE)
09/28/2011Carrboro fights prostitution 1  CARRBORO (POLICE)
04/23/2013Public input begins for police chief search 5  CARRBORO (POLICE)
01/08/2014Carrboro shooting case still open 1  CARRBORO (POLICE)
01/12/2015Ed: Positive bureaucracy 5  CARRBORO (POLICE)
08/18/1998Carrboro Police Arrest Suspect in Old Well Apartments Murder 1  CARRBORO POLICE
02/28/1997Student might file discrimination lawsuit against Carrboro police 1  CARRBORO POLICE
01/23/1998Task force to patrol towns' shared border 1  CARRBORO POLICE
04/22/1997Carrboro police, Burrow agree on details of arrest 1  CARRBORO POLICE
05/22/1997Men describe incident, dealings with Carrboro 6  CARRBORO POLICE
04/10/1997Editorial: [No excuse for silence] 12  CARRBORO POLICE
07/17/1997Arrested students, town officials discuss incident 1  CARRBORO POLICE
04/07/1998Police departments' coordinated efforts yield positive results 1  CARRBORO POLICE
05/22/1997Editorial: Apology accepted 10  CARRBORO POLICE
06/12/1997Plan to relocate police station criticized 3  CARRBORO POLICE
03/05/1997Police chief challenges charges of racism at aldermen meeting 1  CARRBORO POLICE
05/22/1997Nelson apologizes for police actions 1  CARRBORO POLICE
09/30/1993Carrboro police sign contract with UNC force 3  CARRBORO POLICE
02/27/1997Racially motivated' act by police raises concern 1  CARRBORO POLICE
07/10/2003Police charge resident with fraud 7  CARRBORO POLICE
09/02/2011Ed: No ALERT needed 12  CARRBORO POLICE
02/06/2012Occupation spreads: Protestors at a proposed CVS 1  CARRBORO POLICE
10/31/2012Ed: An open investigation 8  CARRBORO POLICE
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