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03/24/1993Supporters of AIDS house reconsider site 1  AIDS HOUSE, CARRBORO
03/18/1993Carrboro AIDS house denied funding 1  AIDS HOUSE, CARRBORO
05/19/1994Carrboro AIDS Home Sets Example for State as Project Kicks Off 6  AIDS, CARRBORO
01/25/1990Carrboro's art wars 5  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
...Board fights to regain building 4  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
10/18/1990Back of financial track, arts abound 8+  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
07/05/1990Board: Guarantors have 3 options, debt 3  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
03/28/2012Student grant to support local art 9  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
04/09/2012Carrboro ArtsCenter names new director 5  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
01/22/2015Carrboro eyes new arts center 1  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
02/20/2015BOA halts plans for arts center 3  ART CENTER (CARRBORO)
02/28/2002Carrboro considers program cutbacks 3  BUDGET CUTS, CARRBORO
03/01/2002Budget cuts may affect Carrboro parks, arts 1  BUDGET CUTS, CARRBORO
09/30/2011CHCCS hopes for new elementary school 7  BUDGET CUTS, CARRBORO
10/23/2008Local schools cutting spending 4  BUDGET CUTS, CARRBORO
02/05/2003Carrboro could raise building height limit 3  BUILDING HEIGHT, CARRBORO
09/14/2004Development plan unveiled for center 7  BUILDING HEIGHT, CARRBORO
10/26/2004Town mulls building height 7  BUILDING HEIGHT, CARRBORO
10/29/2004Editorial: Dueling concerns 8  BUILDING HEIGHT, CARRBORO
08/28/1998Carrboro Cable Faces Scrutiny 3  CABLE TV, CARRBORO
02/24/1995Carrboro cable viewers to get 'toons and testaments 4  CABLE TV, CARRBORO
11/18/2011Carrboro: love is in the air 3  CABLE TV, CARRBORO
01/27/1998Town Manager set to fight higher cable rates 3  CABLE, CARRBORO
08/23/2001Residents oppose proposed public works facility 3  CARRBORO PUBLIC WORKS
09/11/2011Residents relieved county rejected proposed site 3  CARRBORO PUBLIC WORKS
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