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09/28/1994Toll-free Caroline number might cost students extra $2 3  CAROLINE
11/19/1997Students slip through Caroline's secret lines 3  CAROLINE
04/19/1993Caroline should keep same hours...(letter) 8  CAROLINE
01/24/1995By fall, toll-free caroline may give access to grades 1  CAROLINE
04/04/1997Editorial: [Topping off registration] 8  CAROLINE
10/18/1994Phone service company may help foot bill for toll-free caroline number 1  CAROLINE
01/16/1991Registrar pleased with Caroline's debut 1  CAROLINE
06/10/1998Caroline Makes Her Way to Web 1  CAROLINE
04/01/1997New course registration to affect UNC freshmen 1  CAROLINE
09/25/1990Editorial: Caroline's calling 8  CAROLINE
11/11/1993Caroline adds new features 3  CAROLINE
09/14/1994Battle hopes proposals will make referendum 14  CAROLINE
10/22/1991Feature would allow convenient course-shopping 3  CAROLINE
04/14/1994CAROLINE may ease voting next year 1  CAROLINE
10/28/1996OP-ED: Executive branch not ignoring Caroline campaign . . . 12  CAROLINE
04/20/1994Students debate holding elections via CAROLINE 1  CAROLINE
09/09/1994SBP proposes toll-free caroline number, unlimited transcripts 1  CAROLINE
06/27/1991Caroline operates schedules and keeps. . . 5b  CAROLINE
04/08/1997Computer glitches delay registration procedures 3  CAROLINE
11/06/1997Editorial: Request denied 16  CAROLINE
10/25/1996Editorial: [962-UNC1] 10  CAROLINE
01/15/1997Caroline to expand services 3  CAROLINE
01/22/1991Editorial: Improving Caroline 8  CAROLINE
10/20/1994Ed: 1-800-CONVENIENT 8  CAROLINE
04/11/1995Registration denied: caroline breaks down 1  CAROLINE
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