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03/13/1995Carolina athletic fans: two wrongs don't make a right 8  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/05/2004Editorial: Beat Dook 9  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/06/2004Franklin St. frenzy dies down with loss 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
11/22/1959Ramses Typifies UNC-Duke Rivalry 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/08/2012North Carolina players are ready for the heated rivalry 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/09/2010Rivalry between UNC, Duke not that heated 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
12/01/1962Letters: 'Beat Dook' And Fall-Out 2  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
01/06/1963Ed: Athletic scheduling: disconcerting-disgusting 2  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/20/2013Confusion cleared up on Duke tickets 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
04/08/2013Catch of the day: UNC versus Duke 9  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
03/17/1964Ed: How To Become A Duke Fan 4  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
11/14/1941Duke-UNC Rivalry Takes Nation-Wide Significance 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Durham Fans Rate Duke Blue Devils Two to Five Goals Better Than UNC 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Pre-Game Vandalism Runs Rampant at Duke and UNC As Pigskin Classic Nears 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Huge Torch Parade to Herald Pep Rally Tonight 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Carolina Football Contenst 4  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
11/15/1941Outbreaks of Vandalism Reported on Both Campuses 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Tar Heels Meet Duke in Classic Today 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
11/16/1941Duke's Chances Rise For Rose Bowl Bid 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/08/1942White Phantoms Bow to Strong Blue Devil Quintet, 52-40 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
04/18/1942Carolina Track Team Battles Duke Today In Dixie Classic 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
04/19/1942Tar Heels Win Track Battle From Duke, 66-60 3  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
10/07/2013UNC ties Duke, still winless in ACC 7  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
02/14/2014Tar Heels prepare for rivalry battle 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
...Ticket process in place despite weather 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE
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