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01/22/1980Editorial: The Union president 6  CAROLINA UNION
05/04/2000University to dig into renovation plans 11  CAROLINA UNION
04/24/1992Officials continue ban on Great Hall parties 1  CAROLINA UNION
10/01/1973Locator services abolished 1  CAROLINA UNION
03/02/1973Phillips new Union president 7  CAROLINA UNION
05/24/1979Union parking lot site of new library 7  CAROLINA UNION
09/26/1986Committee seeks director for Union 1  CAROLINA UNION
09/04/1992Union plan modeled on others 1  CAROLINA UNION
11/02/2001Bash offers wholesome alternative [to Halloween on Franklin St.] 3  CAROLINA UNION
11/20/2002Red Carpet Restrictions 12  CAROLINA UNION
02/08/1974Union should balance program (letter) 6  CAROLINA UNION
03/29/2001New CUAB President faces Union Renovaiton challenges 3  CAROLINA UNION
10/29/2001RHA sponsors Halloween bash in Student Union 6  CAROLINA UNION
11/26/2002Original Union to Be Closed for Renovations 3  CAROLINA UNION
02/05/1982Union picks Plummer as president 1  CAROLINA UNION
10/02/1987More officers should patrol parties 1  CAROLINA UNION
10/16/1973Locator service ends operations 1  CAROLINA UNION
11/09/1973Out-of-court settlement on Union suit 1  CAROLINA UNION
01/20/2000Student Union board approves senior gift 2  CAROLINA UNION
09/19/1973Editorial: 2 issues Union president/WCAR 6  CAROLINA UNION
03/10/1992Union expansion for BCC called unrealistic 3  CAROLINA UNION
04/11/1972Board requests removal of snack bar 1  CAROLINA UNION
09/24/1997CUAB encourages diversity, community involvement 3  CAROLINA UNION
10/04/1991Union director plans retirement 3  CAROLINA UNION
11/19/1992Big Al brings smiles, colors to Union walls 1  CAROLINA UNION
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