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09/21/1961Op.Ed: Playmakers Living Off Old Reputation? 2  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
10/04/1961Louise Lamont, Playmakers' Lead, Is Actress And Cook 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
01/04/1962Playmakers to Present New Civil War Play By Hinrichs 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
11/09/1938Tour Company Will Present "Tobacco Road" Here Tonight 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
12/08/2009Privilege cards are not a scam; theater beneficial 8  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
...PlayMakers enhances the UNC learning experience 8  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
...Students not subsidizing PlayMakers with cards 8  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
07/28/2011Playmakers awarded grants for Shakespeare plays 5  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
09/07/2011PlayMakers takes on clones in 'A Number' 4  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
03/04/2011'Angels' to close after successful run 6  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
09/22/1929Little Theatre books to carry story of Koch 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
10/06/1929Koch will give lecture here 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
10/23/1929Playmakers work attracts many visitors here 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
10/25/1929Carolina Playmakers present three original plays 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
02/06/1963Star finds rhinoceros role demands quick skin change 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
02/08/1963Lead man in Rhino likes its realism 3  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
11/10/1929Stallings is very enthusiastic over Playmakers Performance [Job's Kinfolks] 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
11/22/1929Press praising presentations of Playmakers 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
11/28/1929New York Papers praise Playmakers Performance - 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
12/03/1929Playmakers return from record Northern tour 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
12/04/1929District racketeer forces Playmakers to pay cash before renting them a bus 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
10/20/1963Twinkly actress brightens play 3  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
01/10/2013'Great Whales' is an eerie success 7  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
01/17/2013PlayMakers tackles issues of gentrification in new plays 8  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
03/28/1919Carolina Playmakers, in initial program score great success 1  CAROLINA PLAYMAKERS
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