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02/03/2003Advisory groups plan Carolina North's future 9  CAROLINA NORTH
12/03/2003Officials share new growth plans 1  CAROLINA NORTH
11/28/2003Council to continue talks on tract 1  CAROLINA NORTH
...Editorial: Room For Growth 10  CAROLINA NORTH
11/17/2003Proposal response criticizes parking 1  CAROLINA NORTH
11/14/2003UNC unveils Carolina North plans 1  CAROLINA NORTH
11/20/2003UNC agrees to clean waste 1  CAROLINA NORTH
12/04/2003Locals size up Carolina North 1  CAROLINA NORTH
...Private funding OK with officials 1  CAROLINA NORTH
...Forum focuses on traffic worries [Carolina North] 9  CAROLINA NORTH
01/06/2004Satellite tract plans released 4  CAROLINA NORTH
01/07/2004Grant solidifies lab's place on new campus 3  CAROLINA NORTH
10/06/2003Town group lays down Carolina North tenets 1  CAROLINA NORTH
01/09/2004Op.Ed: Research development in Chapel Hill no guarantee 8  CAROLINA NORTH
01/12/2004Op.Ed: UNC must resolve to better serve community in 2004 10  CAROLINA NORTH
...Op.Ed: Plenty of time left for debate 11  CAROLINA NORTH
...Op.Ed: Campus would signal progress for University 11  CAROLINA NORTH
...Op.Ed: Plan is missing details about traffic, housing 11  CAROLINA NORTH
...Op.Ed: Project would imperil towns 11  CAROLINA NORTH
01/21/2004Aldermen discuss Carolina North 2  CAROLINA NORTH
10/30/2003Town-Gown issue won't swing vote 3  CAROLINA NORTH
01/28/2004Independent Weekly column rife with inaccuracies (letter) 10  CAROLINA NORTH
10/31/2003Ed: Extending arms 8  CAROLINA NORTH
02/04/2004Council to reconsider Carolina North zoning 1  CAROLINA NORTH
02/26/2004Group to weigh in on growth issues 3  CAROLINA NORTH
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