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09/17/1938Creedy Calls Staff Meeting 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
12/08/1938Publications Board considers merger of Carolina Magazine, Buccaneer into one - trial issue suggested 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
...Unabridged, unexpurgated, Ill-starred article to appear in December Issue of "Buc" 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
12/09/1938Editors clash on merger of Carolina Buccaneer and Carolina Magazine 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
...Editorial: publication merger 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
12/10/1938Hoenig asks for abolishment of both magazines 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
09/21/1929Magazine plans early edition - Carolina Magazine 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
10/05/1929Carolina Magazine to make first appearance tomorrow 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
06/08/1929Editorial: The New Carolina Magazine 2  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
11/27/1962Ed: Students Support NC Magazine 2  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
12/23/1962Magazine Killed By DTH Editors 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
09/27/1941Moll Revamps Mag Staff In Unprecedented Move 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
09/30/1941Board Opens Hearing Today On Budgets 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
02/10/1942Ed: Carolina Magazine... 2  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
02/12/1942Legislature Re-Opens Campus Mag Question 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
02/26/1942Mag, Honor System Get Stern Setbacks, CPU Poll Reveals 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
04/02/1942Mag Staffers Resign In Protest to Changes 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
04/29/1942Ed: New Mag Would Have More Cartoons, Photos, Eight Less Pages Than Separate Publications 2  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
05/02/1942Ed: The New Magazine... 2  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
05/07/1942Mag Combination Referendum Polls Student Reaction Today 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
05/20/1942Carolina Mag Cops Top Prize In National College Contest 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
04/28/1930Magazine head will inaugurate staff Meetings 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE
...Negro issue of magazine ready to go to press 1  CAROLINA MAGAZINE