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07/11/1991Two named inaugural Smith professors 3  CARNEY, BRUCE
09/23/1991Astronomy prof aims telescope to shed. . . 5  CARNEY, BRUCE
10/01/2010Tuition decision process questioned - Budget cuts fore re-evaluation of options 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
12/06/2010Perdue: Private gifts a must in fiscal future 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
12/08/2010New plan for a new decade 6  CARNEY, BRUCE
...UNC searching to fill several leadership roles 9  CARNEY, BRUCE
10/07/2010Researcher appeals pay cut, demotion 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
01/10/2011UNC nears third tier for lecturers 3  CARNEY, BRUCE
01/14/2011Strauss to lead UNC Global 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
01/21/2011Units receive detail for cuts 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
07/14/2011Finance search is down to four 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
09/30/2011UNC to grow applied sciences 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
11/14/2011Cooper, Carney craft separate tuition plans 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
11/15/2011UNC officials support 15.6 percent hike 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
11/16/201115.6 percent tuition hike likely to pass 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
...Ed: Dismissed, but not discarded 8  CARNEY, BRUCE
01/12/2011University adopts 2.5 percent state cut 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
04/06/2010UNC prepares for budget cuts 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
03/26/2010Trustees approve Carney's appointment as provost 3  CARNEY, BRUCE
03/17/2010UNC leaders say search didn't fail 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
03/15/2010Carney moves from interim to provost 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
01/26/2012Ross wants 9.9 percent hike for UNC-CH 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
02/09/2012Proposal puts tuition toward faculty raises 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
02/17/2012Optimism over library renovations growing 8  CARNEY, BRUCE
08/24/2012Provost Bruce Carney to step down 1  CARNEY, BRUCE
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