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01/17/1979CCCA upset with water report 3  CANE CREEK
03/27/1981Cane Creek decisions expected soon 3  CANE CREEK
03/29/1983Cane Creek-OWASA battle not over 1  CANE CREEK
08/02/1979Standstill: conflicting interests. . . 1  CANE CREEK
09/25/1979Lake tests won't sway. . .decision 1  CANE CREEK
09/03/1980Hearings rekindle flames 1  CANE CREEK
09/17/1980OP.ED.: Water supply. . .local farmers 6  CANE CREEK
12/03/1982OWASA, conservations & Cane Creek 1  CANE CREEK
11/23/1998Town Looks at Changes To Protect Cane Creek 2  CANE CREEK
06/03/1982Issue rages as impact study discussed 5  CANE CREEK
10/11/1976BOT...$824,000 pipeline, Cane Creek 3  CANE CREEK
08/27/1997OWASA advocates cleaner Cane Creek 3  CANE CREEK
07/06/1979Reservoir dispute hits home for one man 1  CANE CREEK
10/14/1983OWASA wins Cane Creek right 1  CANE CREEK
09/10/1985Resevoir augments regional water supply 2  CANE CREEK
12/04/1978Witness trades testimony for manure 1  CANE CREEK
04/26/1979Cited eight in line as water source 1  CANE CREEK
10/12/1979Fight to save Cane. . .to Court 3  CANE CREEK
10/04/1978Fill..Jordan Lake first, opponents say 1  CANE CREEK
03/14/1983OWASA gets go-ahead for Cane Creek 1  CANE CREEK
11/17/1978Reservoir may uproot. . .ties to land 1  CANE CREEK
10/13/1983Land right will be decided 1  CANE CREEK
02/13/1981Cane creek stalled again by red tape 1  CANE CREEK
08/27/1980Cane Creek project endorsed 1  CANE CREEK
07/03/1980New OWASA budget to fund Cane 5  CANE CREEK
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