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03/06/2003Study: Aspirin could reduce colon cancer 2  CANCER RESEARCH
02/11/1998Foundations gives money to breast cancer program 3  CANCER RESEARCH
11/13/1997Lineberger cancer center dedicates new building wing 1  CANCER RESEARCH
01/20/2000Lineberger Center receives $25.3 Million 3  CANCER RESEARCH
10/11/1995Breast cancer research funding extended at UNC 3  CANCER RESEARCH
12/04/2003Study highlights health disparities 4  CANCER RESEARCH
04/19/2004Cancer study fingers gene linked with tumor growth 3  CANCER RESEARCH
05/20/2004Research facilities near OK 1  CANCER RESEARCH
05/27/2004Black to pitch version of cancer center plan 3  CANCER RESEARCH
06/17/2004House panels back school projects 1  CANCER RESEARCH
06/24/2004Research center debate to hit climax 1  CANCER RESEARCH
08/21/2004Legislature OKs medical centers 2  CANCER RESEARCH
08/25/2004Funding for cancer hospital granted 1  CANCER RESEARCH
...University officials tout new facilities 1  CANCER RESEARCH
01/15/1969HEW Grant To Fund Oral Cancer Research 1  CANCER RESEARCH
10/25/2004Cancer center develops treatments, training 3  CANCER RESEARCH
11/23/2004Cancer survivors, researchers share views 7  CANCER RESEARCH
12/08/2009UNC professor recognized for breast cancer research 3  CANCER RESEARCH
09/27/2010UNC scientists to receive five-year, $2.2 million grant 3  CANCER RESEARCH
10/01/2010University researches find key lung cancer molecules 3  CANCER RESEARCH
09/30/2010Three UNC researchers get frant for over $2.3 millioin 3  CANCER RESEARCH
10/26/2010Cancer institute awards grant to UNC, NCCU 7  CANCER RESEARCH
11/08/2010Lineberger researchers find a pancreatic cancer protein 3  CANCER RESEARCH
10/27/2011Scientist receives $150,000 grant to study breast cancer 3  CANCER RESEARCH
10/10/2011UNC professor to take part in esophageal cancer study 3  CANCER RESEARCH
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