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09/21/1993Educational publishing 8  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
09/10/1993Congress defunds Phoenix, decides to sell computers 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
04/26/1994New publication tackles gender issues 3  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
08/24/1992Magazine to explore black perspective 3a  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
07/02/1992Literary magazine to explore black perspective 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
10/06/1983Campus paper trying to be a force 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
03/25/1993Editorial: Needless criticism 10  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
09/07/1995Court ruling forces UVa to regroup 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
04/02/19815 publications to get new Union space 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
03/04/1994Magazine to cover issues of gender 3  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
01/17/1895The Alumni Quarterly 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
03/07/1895Editorial: White and Blue and DTH 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
05/22/1960Campus Magazine Approved By Y; Seeks Staffers 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
10/11/1960'Y' Holds Interviews For New Publication 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
...A New Campus Magazine 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
10/23/1960The Campus Gets A New Magazine 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/07/1961New Journal Appears At UNC 'For & By University Students' 3  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/08/1961Red, White & Blue 'Parlance' By 'Y' Goes On Sale Tomorrow 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/09/1961Parlance Is Finally Here 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/14/1961A Glance At 'Parlance' - 'It Will Fill A Vital Need' 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
11/08/1895Editorial: The Magazine Situation 2  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/14/1968Magazine Appears On Campus Today 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
02/28/1968Underground Newspaper Debuts 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
09/17/1938Creedy Calls Staff Meeting 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
...Pugh Calls for New Buccaneers 1  CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS
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