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02/12/2003Tepper, Shin advance -- to runoff 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
03/29/200081st Congress reflects, closes year 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
05/02/2000Congress tension heightens 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
09/17/1998Dispute Inches Toward Lawsuit 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
03/01/20012 CAA cabinet members fired 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/11/2003Candidates meet with voters on last full campaign day 7  CAMPUS POLITICS
09/15/1998Editorial: Let Bylaws Be Bylaws 10  CAMPUS POLITICS
04/20/1999Student Congress Sets Right Priorities in Debate Over Iraqi Sanctions (letter) 10  CAMPUS POLITICS
08/25/1999Congress Maps Out Goals for Coming Year 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
01/24/1997Editorial: [No Time for Pettiness] 8  CAMPUS POLITICS
01/24/2001Candidates get ready to launch campaigns 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/26/2001SBP-elect, congress square off 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/05/1998Walters gets backing from NAACP, BSM 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/04/2003Candidates look to improve safety 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
11/01/2001Senior challenes leader to come forward and set record straight [letter] 10  CAMPUS POLITICS
01/12/1998Resignations Spur Transition Plans for Student Government 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/02/2000DTH sets guidelines for elections coverage 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
01/31/1997Congress: job not just alloting fees 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
11/06/2001Expulsion boost need to fill seats 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/12/1998DTH needs to act responsibly when endorsing candidates (letter) 12  CAMPUS POLITICS
06/10/1998Walters Plans to Veto Money for Club Trip 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
10/17/1990College GOP leader victim obscene call 3  CAMPUS POLITICS
02/15/2000Editorial: Shut Out 10  CAMPUS POLITICS
11/19/1998Editorial: Packing 'Em In 16  CAMPUS POLITICS
01/12/1995Students already entering SBP race 1  CAMPUS POLITICS
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