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04/14/1997Bike police take bite out of campus crime 2  CAMPUS POLICE
02/18/2003Town to look at police agreement 3  CAMPUS POLICE
04/19/1995Writer criticized campus police before checking facts 10  CAMPUS POLICE
...UNC police want accreditation 1  CAMPUS POLICE
11/20/2003Campus police get night vision as part of award 12  CAMPUS POLICE
09/15/2003UNC police gets award for big drop in larceny 2  CAMPUS POLICE
01/29/2004Officer's presence amid snow questionable at best (letter) 12  CAMPUS POLICE
10/05/1968Campus Police Lax On Job 2  CAMPUS POLICE
10/29/1968NUC Attacks Campus Police 5  CAMPUS POLICE
10/30/1968Security Police Change In Order 2  CAMPUS POLICE
05/12/1961'Pranks Not Hilarious Next Morning' 1  CAMPUS POLICE
09/09/2004Employee moves ahead in grievance 3  CAMPUS POLICE
09/13/2004Process divides worker, campus 3  CAMPUS POLICE
12/02/1961Football Saturdays Hectic For Policemen 1  CAMPUS POLICE
01/13/1962Editorial: Uncaring Legislators 2  CAMPUS POLICE
12/07/2004Police train with Tasers 1  CAMPUS POLICE
12/08/1967Campus Police Reorganized 1  CAMPUS POLICE
02/09/1968Campus Cops Nail 'Mob'(Letter) 2  CAMPUS POLICE
04/05/2011Students robbed at gunpoint in dorm 1  CAMPUS POLICE
09/07/2011DPS announces program to stop bike theft 3  CAMPUS POLICE
03/19/2010Most UNC-system campus police departments follow records law 1  CAMPUS POLICE
03/12/2012Consulting firm to review police policies 1  CAMPUS POLICE
10/12/2012Chapel Hill police complaints on the rise 1  CAMPUS POLICE
11/26/2012Woman says police doubt assault story 1  CAMPUS POLICE
04/25/2013Role of campus police criticized 1  CAMPUS POLICE
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