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02/25/2002CAMP talks with 'Queer as Folk' actor 2  CAMP
04/12/1985CAMP members to hold rally 1  CAMP
02/09/1995Calling all counslors: UNC camp day showcases summer job opportunities 3  CAMP DAY, UNC
03/03/1997Construction scheduled for interim dining area 3  CAMP LENOIR
04/14/1997Camp Lenoir not necessary; big waste of student money (letter) 8  CAMP LENOIR
11/17/1992Ren & Stimpy director calls for cartoon revolt 1  CAMP, BOB
02/18/1988SAC director goes to Charlotte 1  CAMP, STEVE
02/01/1990Counselors sought 3  FRESHMAN CAMP
05/21/1998Counselors prepare for FRESHMEN Camp, focus on excitement 2  FRESHMEN CAMP, 1998
02/10/1993Create a summer full of memories: Find job... 2  UNC CAMP DAY
09/14/1959150 Freshmen Start Early At New Hope 1  FRESHMEN CAMP, 1959
11/07/1959Perspectives By Yardley 2  CAMP, TONY
04/16/2004Jail 'inmates' escape for charity 2  CROSSBRIDGE SUMMER CAMP
09/15/1916UNC represented at Plattsburgh camp: Summer soldiers spend profitable vacation in camp 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, 1916
10/20/1917Local Assessment is fully subscribed -- Visitors boost the campaign 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, 1916
10/02/191848 Plattsburgh men win commissions 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, 1916
10/02/1916Thirty Carolina men commissioned at camps 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI
10/02/1918Over 100 Carolina men attend Plattsburgh camp 4  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI
10/09/1918Over 1400 students and alumni are in service 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI
11/06/1918Post Exchange gives general satisfaction 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI
11/29/1918S.A.T.C. demobilized; takes place this week 1  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI
...Editorial: A word of farewell -- A faculty appreciation [to J. Stuart Allen] 2  ARMY TRAINING CAMP, WWI