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02/20/2002Officials say Chapel Hill businesses are growing 9  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/27/2003Op.Ed: Peer campuses ideal models for improving downtown 12  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/26/2003Council looks to strike balance downtown 5  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
09/10/2003Council begins downtown talks 3  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
02/12/2004Theater complex raises concerns 2  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
02/16/2004W. Rosemary gets attention 3  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
04/16/2004New group to aid downtown 2  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/23/2004Town sees influx of new stores 8  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/24/2004Business owners react to tax 19  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/2004Inside Scoop shuts its doors 2  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
09/16/2004Local business appears on cover of Fortune 2  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
09/30/2004Effort hypes local spending 11  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/13/2004DEDC seeks business input 6  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/18/2004Store lauds new locale, reopening 8  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/19/2004Store offers eclectic mix of trinkets 9  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/26/2004Businesses offer voting incentives 3  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/29/2004Organic food shop to open in Feb. 4  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
11/04/2004Store expands stock to offer kids' games 11  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
...Editorial: Win-win situation 14  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
11/12/2004Grill owner hopes to escape the past 6  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
04/14/2011County develops business incubator 1  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
10/06/2011Chapel Hill could see big box stores 11  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/23/2011A Southern Season sold 17  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
08/23/2010Locopops finds a home on UNC campus 17  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
07/22/2010Tobacco shops dodge ban 3  BUSINESSES, CHAPEL HILL
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