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03/25/1980B.A. faculty ration below standard 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
03/30/1995Anonymous alumnus gives $500,000 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
10/03/2002Sullivan to Leave Business School 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
03/02/1983Business school releases new magazine 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
10/21/1997Business students start classes in McColl Building 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
04/21/1994Business school expects 600 for charity biathlon 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
10/21/1994Business School gets $5000, Wall Street Book Collection 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
08/26/1997UNC officials: future bypasses of BOG unlikely 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
01/22/1997Administrative building to be named for alumnus 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
04/08/2002UNC schools rise, drop in U.S. rankings 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
10/15/1997Koury praised by Hunt, others for contributions to UNC 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
11/16/1998BOG Raises Business School Tuition 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
09/08/1997Greenspan will take part in dedication 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
11/22/1993Business school should reinstate cancelled class (letter) 9  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
02/12/1991MAC 5-year plan only at UNC 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
04/26/1995UNC tells professor: move it or lose it 2  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
12/05/2001Global relations a factor in Qatar campus 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
06/14/1990Committee approves Kenan site 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
02/20/1998Laptops help UNC business students work 1  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
01/13/1998Editorial: 30 pieces of silver 8  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
04/23/1979New deans appointed to 4 UNC schools 6  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
09/25/2000Kenan-Flagler Climbs 4 Rungs of National Survey 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
04/25/1991UNC business, law, med schools rank... 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
08/28/2002Renovations Approved for Business School's Rizzo Center 3  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
11/09/1989Business school set to propose minor 5  BUSINESS, SCHOOL OF
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