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10/22/1992Bush rebuts Clinton at N.C. State Fair 1  BUSH, GEORGE
01/17/2003Case outocme may overhaul admissions 1  BUSH, GEORGE
04/25/1985Visit to campus cancelled 1  BUSH, GEORGE
04/23/1985Profs to protest Bush at Davis Library 1  BUSH, GEORGE
01/12/2000Steamy Bush satire nets alumna . . . fame 2  BUSH, GEORGE
02/14/1992Bush weathering aftermath of Desert Storm, recession 1  BUSH, GEORGE
01/16/2003Bush opposes UM affirmative action policy 1  BUSH, GEORGE
04/19/1985Cube removed in anticipation of arrival 3  BUSH, GEORGE
03/14/1985Bush to arrive for Davis..dedication 1  BUSH, GEORGE
12/02/2003Editorial: More than a stunt 10  BUSH, GEORGE
01/22/2001Amid clamor, Bush takes oath 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
03/17/2003Moment of Truth -- Bush gives United Nations until today to endorse military action 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
01/19/2001Transfer of Power: Bush speech to set tone for term 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
04/12/2001Bush pushes tax cut at ECU 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
03/19/2003Presidency hinges on U.S. victory 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
01/22/2001Rain does not dampen spirits of dissent, celebration 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
08/29/2003Bush might exercise influence in N.C. Senate race 9  BUSH, GEORGE W.
07/10/2003Political Cartoon: "Oh, Yeah?...Over His Dead Body!" (Marlette) 8  BUSH, GEORGE W.
12/02/2003Editorial: More than a stunt 10  BUSH, GEORGE W.
11/21/2003Editorial: Only a Band-Aid 10  BUSH, GEORGE W.
11/14/2003Bush nominees spark 30-hour Senate debate 2  BUSH, GEORGE W.
04/14/2004Editorial: Helpful to a fault 12  BUSH, GEORGE W.
09/14/2007Ed: Dream to succeed 10  BUSH, GEORGE W.
09/18/2007Bush names new top attorney 3  BUSH, GEORGE W.
10/04/2007Bush veto creates health care concern 1  BUSH, GEORGE W.
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