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09/26/1994Burnette's dishonesty can't be overlooked due to race [letter] 10  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
03/04/1994School board attorney begins investigation of DTH, Burnette 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
02/11/1993University student to run for school board 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
05/19/1994Future of Recall Bill Uncertain in Face of NAACP Opposition 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
01/10/1994NAACP supports Burnette 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
10/26/1994Burnette can regain trust, respect of community 10  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
08/26/1994Officials halfway through counting recall petitions 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
01/11/1994Board to pursue recall measure for Burnette 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
01/25/1994Local Teachers' group supports recall measure 3  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
08/31/1994Burnette will face fall recall election 1A  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
12/09/1993LaVonda Burnette not a UNC student 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
06/09/1994Burnette to Face 10 Charges at July Hearing 3  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
11/08/1994Ed: Putting education last 8  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
09/15/1994NAACP's defense of burnette show reverse racism [letter] 14  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
06/30/1994Burnette Abandons Lawsuit, Demands Paid Legal Counsel 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
10/19/1994School board considering ways to replace burnette 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
01/10/1994Burnette plans to say on Board 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
10/17/1994Burnette's sudden resignation leaves local residents surprised 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
08/30/1994Burnette's perspective adds value to local school board [letter] 8  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
10/18/1994Ed: Back to the children 8  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
09/01/1994Local woman questions Burnette recall petition methods 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
01/12/1994Community, School Board justify opinions about. . . 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
09/12/1994Burnette's opponents deny racism 3  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
08/22/1994Petition Drive to Hold Recall Vote Nets More than 7200 3A  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
11/04/1994School board fills vacancy seat 1  BURNETTE, LAVONDA
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