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02/23/1994DA investigates possible Student Stores violations 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/20/1995'Unplugged' professors stop to chat 2  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
02/10/1998Editorial: Think Freedom 10  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/29/1998Bookshop Offers Banned Books 4  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/13/1984Store protests banning books 5  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
02/28/1994Professors accuse DA of censoring Bull's head 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/24/1998Cornering the Market 5  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
10/02/1992Bookstore newsletter controversy (letter) 8  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
02/04/2004"The Carolina Way" 7  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
02/24/2004Bull's Head attracts local, big names [Arts 24/7] 8  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/13/1960Books, Supplies Are Plentiful In Chapel Hill 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/21/2004Palahniuk details his 'Diary' 2  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
12/02/2004Book keeping 5  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/29/2011Erica Eisdorfer, manager of Bull's Head Bookshop, retired after 30 years 3  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
11/17/1938Bull's Head Bookshop anounces new books 4  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
02/21/2012Writing society returns at Bull's Head 6  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
09/22/1929Book shop has bright outlook - Bull's Head in 214 Murphey 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
10/03/1929Students show sedate tastes - books and reading 4  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
11/27/1929Bull's Head shop attracts large number of visitors 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
11/28/1929Many new books on sale at the Bull's Head - 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
10/24/2012Crothers brings Uganda to Bull's Head Bookshop 3  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
12/12/1963John Knowles autographs books today 1  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
08/28/2007Critics will discuss Bull's Head Playboys 8  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
03/18/2008Employee's novel goes for prize 3  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
04/22/2014A literary standout in the UNC system 3  BULL'S HEAD BOOKSHOP
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