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06/28/1990Officials speculate more cuts on way 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/21/1990Legislators vow to prevent budget cut 3  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/15/1990Editorial: Unnecessary assistance 10  BUDGET CUTS 1990
...BOG approves UNC system budget plan 3  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/14/1990Memo: deeper fund cuts may force layoffs 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/18/1990Effects of cuts vary by school size 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/14/1990Libraries in a bind..cuts purchasing 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/17/1990Op.Ed: Decrease our financial woes 11  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/17/1990Leaders at schools react differently  BUDGET CUTS 1990
02/27/1990Cuts in budget upset nursing...test 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
07/26/1990Building projects postponed by cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/11/1990BOG recommends largest budget ever 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
02/08/1990Effects of budget cuts unclear 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/12/1990Editorial: Eye of the storm 10  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/06/1990Profs forage for funding... 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
04/21/1990Forecasters disagree...budget prognosis 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/18/1990Cuts could make UNC late paying vendors 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
07/12/1990Op.Ed: Cuts to UNC will affect... 10  BUDGET CUTS 1990
01/23/1990UNC budget process...reform (letter) 8  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/01/1990NCSU students protest library hours 3  BUDGET CUTS 1990
10/26/1990Student group surveys cuts' impacts 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
09/19/1990Library cuts destroy reputation(letter) 8  BUDGET CUTS 1990
07/26/1990Committee approves 5% 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
...Graduates plan picketing 'Save UNC Day' 1  BUDGET CUTS 1990
08/30/1990UNC departments to cut student hiring 7b  BUDGET CUTS 1990
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