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06/28/2001N.C. House plan absors unused salary monies 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
11/14/200111 positions to be cut due to tight budget 3  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
04/27/2001Chancellor opesn his door to concerns in budget crisis 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
03/22/2002UNC plans for cuts to funding 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
03/04/2002Officials try to balance fees, funds 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
04/25/2001Editorial: Shortsighted cuts 10  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
02/07/2002State asks UNC for $5 million more 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
05/01/2001Faculty discuss implications of proposed cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
04/30/2001Students to take action against budget cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
...UNC students need to unite to avoid budgetary disaster [letter] 10  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
04/05/2002Officials will cut DPS budget to fix deficit 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
05/24/2001Budget cuts could be smaller than expected 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
04/26/2001Editorial: Crippling cuts -- University might have to lay off 80 faculty . . . 16  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
05/24/2001Students meet possible cuts with protests 3  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
10/31/2003State Cuts Gut Tutoring Programs 2  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
08/28/2003Letter: Columnist ignores benefits to boosting enrollment cap 12  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
08/25/2003Cuts take deep toll on arts community 2A  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
10/31/2003State cuts gut tutoring programs 2  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
11/05/2010Bowles proposes minimum budget 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
01/21/2011Units receive detail for cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
02/15/2011Town unsure of impact of UNC cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
02/25/2011Ed: Nursing's painful cuts 10  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
03/01/2011Parents Council grants half of record funding requests 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
...Journalism school cuts disclosed 1  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
10/14/2011UNC meets savings targets 3  BUDGET CUTS, UNC-CH
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