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03/28/2002Education may suffer $695M cut 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
04/17/1995System schools join fight against cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
02/11/2002BOG meets to discuss tuition, budget cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
04/07/1995Students plan strategy to fight cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
02/07/2002State asks UNC for $5 million more 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
02/12/2002Budget woes might aid N.C. lottery supporters 3  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
04/25/2002Legislators discuss 8.2 percent cuts for education 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
10/16/2003Ed: Waiting it out 11  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
09/28/2010Editorial: Furloughs still worth the fight - a valuable the UNC should use 8  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
11/03/2010Republican Victory: Control could affect student funding 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
03/21/2011Governor's School may be up for elimination 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
03/15/2011Budget cuts may hinder proposed funding model 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
05/19/2011NC House amendment cuts aid funds 6  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
09/23/2011Schools seek out research dollars 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
03/02/2009Consultants unveil plan for cutting up to $133M 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
05/20/2010Fight for funding 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
12/09/2009UNC deals with state budget cuts 3  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
02/15/2013Ed: Come on down, Pat 10  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
04/10/2013Teachers encouraged to work past cuts 4  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
10/23/2008Local schools cutting spending 4  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
11/06/2008Cuts force creative saving 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
11/10/2008Ed: Decentralized cuts are best 6  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
07/03/2014Legislators miss fiscal year deadline for passing state budget 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
10/30/2014State cuts hurting low-income students 3  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.
01/27/2015Poverty center fights Governor's cuts 1  BUDGET CUTS, N.C.